Compulsory ESIC

Monica (Manager) (29 Points)

18 May 2021  


I have incorporated a new pvt ltd company and have a query related to ESIC..  

The company doesn't fall for ESIC criteria but have received mail with details for login and register for compliance and when we log in it ask as below:-

1. Factory / Establishment has become coverable and shall comply with the provisions of ESI ACT, 1948 with immediate effect - Yes/ No - 
I select NO here.

2. Factory / Establishment has not yet reached the threshold limit for compliance with the provisions of ESI ACT, 1948  - Yes/ No - 
I select Yes here.

Then it asks me to select:-
3. Kindly allow grace period till - It has a calendar to choose a date and allows to select up to the next 6 months only.


Screenshot -

Now, what should I select for the grace period as we don't know when will company reach for ESIC applicability? 
For the next 4-5 years the company will have only 7-8 employees but the calendar allows up to 6 months only.

Please advice.