cn sum1 plz rply asap

Varun (aaaaaaaaaaaaaa) (104 Points)

21 May 2008  

m in last year of my CA articleship training n wan 2 kno whether industrial training wud be beneficial 4 me or not?

I hv few queries in my mind

1. whether industrial training wub be more beneficial or shall I stick 2 my old firm till I complete my training period?

2. whether applying for industrial training is better than applying in 1 of da big 4?

3. whether industrial training is better den da audits of the medioker firms?

4. wht r the BIG companies which provides such training? (I already hv da list of accredited companies provided by the institute)

5. wht kind of stipend is paid there? is it the same specified by the institute?

6. nother query is: I hv heard dat, if 1 goes for industrial training, den that person is not able to shift his area of interest to any other field later on. is that so???

7. finally: if 1 gets n oppurtunity 2 choose his area of interest in the industrial training, which field sud he opt 4.
internal assurance, direct tax, indirect tax, tax audits, etc.
(I hv heard, if 1 chooses tax audit field, he gets da same exposure as he does in a CA firm)

If ny1 cn answer deze, wud be a great help 4 me.

thnks in advance