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24 February 2014  




Hello guys,

Today I would like to share about I am not talking about Amitabh, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, I am talking about Celebrities from which we gain a lot.. because of them we come know manu new things and updates... Who are always ready to help at any time...yes those are CAClubindia celebrities... I know you all guys are aware and know about them but still I would like to mention their name...

I am very fortunate that I am a part of my sweet family....I would like to thank all you my colleagues, friends..

I would like to mention and write about some of those celebrities, if I forget someone to mention here, please forgive me...



1. CA Surendra Rakhecha Sir (Click on name to view profile)

A very loving person and always ready to help... Thank You Sir... laugh



2.CMA CS Sanjay Sir (Click on name to view profile)

A very kind, polite person, always motivates through their posts. I am happy to say that I am personally in touch with him.. Thank you laugh



3. Mr Vaibhav Joshi (Click on name to view profile)

A really helping nature. His posts are toh awesome...always inspiring..Thank You for your contribution laugh



4. Mr. Tushar Sampath (Click on name to view profile)

His way of answer, writing skills are simply superb... ofcourse he deserve.. Thank you so much.. laugh



5. CA Bimal Jain (Click on name to view profile)

He is the best.. having multi skills.. his way of writing of articles are superb... Thank you sir..laugh



6. CA Paras Bafna (Click on name to view profile))

He is expert of expert.. his contribution to CCI is very respectable... he knows all the things of any area.. Thank you sir..laugh



7. CA Aditya Maheshwari (Click on name to view profile)


Now what to say about him.. no words... ask any querry, I am sure you will get answer from him.. his tremendous knowledge helped many people.. Thank You Sir..laugh


8. Mr Sanket Shah (Click on anem to view profile)



A really nice guys... I can say this because I am personally in contact with him... his sharing helps many people.. Thank You laugh



9. Mr Ganeshbabu (Click on name to view profile)


His wriring skill is superb.. his way of answer is mindblowing... Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution laugh


10. Ms Mansi Kotecha (Click on name to view profile)



Her  posts are too inspiring... she is a poet guru.. her helping nature attracts people...Thank you so much for your contribution laugh




I know there are still many celebrities here but mentioning all name is quite difficult but I would like to thank all members who are always ready to help...

Intentionally I wrote very less about these celebrities.. but you may know more about them by a simple click on their name... Guys inke liye comment toh anta hai..yesyesyes

( I am sorry celebrities, without asking you I shared your photos..)

If because of this post anyone gets hurt then please forgive me... 













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