CA is not my dream .....?????

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01 August 2011  

CA  is not my dream ????


This is a big question to those who don’t want to be CA, but still enrolled themselves into it. Sorry its not a question it’s a situation. Because this question starts when a person starts its study in a serious manner and doesn’t end even after giving the exam. It takes a time phase to chase this situation. The people don’t even give a second thought about doing CA when he/she enroll him/herself into ca. But when this question start sauntering in mind , nothing left to say. Every time study feels like a punishment…

Enrollment  ::::::::::

Some people enroll into CA, because

·         it’s a well known profession.

·         Its their parents dream.

·         This is the only option which was visible to them

·         They don’t know what they really want to do.

In short reasons can be endless.

 Dream -------

This is the main quest. Suppose you want to be a Clinical Psychologist, and doing CA. You even know that your CA degree won’t help you in this regard. Whereas one relates to the auditing of books and correcting them, other one is about reading human emotions and deals with the different aspect of mind. Now what /////

First of all, your interest quotient will be really low. And more you try to push yourself for studies, the more you will be disinterested. The person can’t even realize when every subject becomes alien for him/her.  Accounts , the subject which she loves to do all the daylong …….now becomes a punishment.


Situation    ------

It’s true when some1 do some work with wholeheartedly, it has so much vibrant colors that ultimately attracts the success. But if it’s not your dream, no matter how much hard work you have done, you won’t even accept that. Every time you will feel some emptiness inside you. You start underestimating yourself, that you should read more like others do. Or you should also finish this book and such more ideas.You don’t even know about this 35 AC, you have not read it.  Every time a fear seizes your mind. You have not just lost your interest but also creativity. You don’t even realize where are you really going?


Failure matters???????

I want to ask …does failure matter in this case.??

My ans is simply no.

People say …think what other will say if you really left CA. How will you face others? But my ans in this regard is, no matter what others say, it hardly matters. Because its not about facing others , its about facing yourself. Only you know , how you read till midnight and wakes up at 5 A.m. No one sees you and appreciate you when you study till 2 Am in morn ….

So who are they to say ….you dint read. Why you need a reason to face them ??

Failure matters only to a certain extent where you feel you couldn’t do your best. Because your main focus is always about giving your best. Your main focus is not about reaching the sky heights but just about getting passed. No matter how much you think of acquiring marks , your heart says its not where you really wanna be;( .

Even the suggestions like, see your failure mark sheet, parents pic don’t work .These suggestion even can’t motivate you enough to be the best. These suggestions work when you are really in a mood to all those things


Balanced approach …..

I give you an example …..

Suppose you are making chole and you put a lot of amla  . That’s why now chole is tasting some sour . Now what would you do ?? Think  !!!!!!

Can you eat that ?

Answer is no. Because it’s not tasty.

Can you just throw it ???

The ans is also no .Because you have put your hard work into it .  So what to do :/?

The answer is quite simple …

Add some amchur powder. And it will reduce its sourness. And it will taste really good:).


This is the main principle . why are you depriving yourself from happiness…..and burdening your thoughts with I don’t want to be CA and such more thoughts.

Take a chill pill and get relaxed.  You can do such things like

·         First of all search your passion …what you really want to be .

·         Why you want to be ?   What are the real situation behind your aim.

·         Why you don’t want to be CA ….what is the fear inside you which is preventing you from becoming CA.

·         If you still want to be someone else i.e doctor , engg .. then start searching for that.

·         Find a good site where you can get involved in discussion or read such stuff about your dream career.

·         It will give you mental satisfaction. So now you wont be feel burdened while studying.


Life is about enjoying every part of it . Every moment of it is useful :P. Nothing happens aiwe hi…..




And lastly I want to say this ………

If you are doing CA right now, then it will also be a dream of yours , even for a second . SOCHA TO HOGA HI …. Chahe Ek bari hi sahi …wish to ki hi hogi ,,,,,,ki kash I can also be a CA