Shrey Laddha (CA Practice) (8 Points)

10 June 2021  

I received an ASMT 10 notice where it was shown that for the period JUL-SEP 2020, I have claimed ITC of 11,50,000 (as per GSTR3B) against 1,50,000 (as per GSTR2A of JUL-SEP 2020 resulting in a mismatch of Rs. 10 Lakh respectively. 
-I have all Orignal Invoices with me.

This difference of Rs. 10 lakh was due to a delay in uploading of Invoice by Supplier in GSTR-1 and also paid the interest on it @ 18%p.a. My supplier uploaded the same in Feb 2021 and the same is reflecting in GSTR-2A of Feb 2021 month. 

Now My question is do I Have to pay Interest for the period (Jul-Feb 2021 ) @ 24% p.a. due to the fault of the supplier due to the wrong availment of ITC? 
Is there any case law supporting me?