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Are our exam papers really checked?

Chintan Vasa (CA Final Student M.Com)   (1241 Points)

02 September 2009  

Lacs of students appear for exams whether it may be CPT, PCC or Final. But are the answer sheets really checked by a qualified checker? Does anybody have a full proof information regarding the system of checking & who is qualified to check it? Why doesnt ICAI it display it publically about the system of assessment of our answer sheets? And what about our right to get the answer sheet. Recently the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) ordered ICAI to show the answer sheets to a student. Why hasnt ICAI laid down any guideline for the same? Infact i had mailed about the procedure for verifiying the answer sheet however no reply was given. Members please think about all these & kindly express your views, opinions, experience & suggestions regarding the same.

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CA Rohit Garg (CA ) (330 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

there z  a procedure buddy..

CA kavitha Nandini Gudapati (CA) (97 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

Hi Rohit...

Can u pls tell me d procedure to get the copies of evaluated answer sheets...

Amit Salkar. (In Industry) (150 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

 I also doubt the same

jaimik (student) (24 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

i also want to know?????????

Karuna Sethi (CA) (838 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

I also wanna know

Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

This is realy importan question

naqiya (student) (49 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

visited the institute today infact they them selves say tht ot is not worth the effort and nothing is gonna work out so no use trying

Ashutosh Sharma (Student) (49 Points)
Replied 02 September 2009

This is india my dear and as far as I have seen the regulations being followed here I must say OH GOD SAVE US. I don't want to claim anything or say anything defamatory but to my knowledge what I came to know is that papers are not checked by competent people. NO OFFENCES MEANT.

CA Abhiram Bharat. (Assistant Manager Taxation)   (508 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

well .. my friend we shud pay greatest attention to ds thng..

C.A SANDEEP GUPTA (Senior Audit) (112 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

itsssss realy true guys..........


Aarush (Delhi) (1566 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

This is a solemn subject for us if the copies are not evaluating properly by ICAI. After pressing an order by CIS to ICAI  (for organizing the examination copies to student )have to issue some guidelines or procedure that how a student verified its examination papers.(if the student feel to secured more marks as compare to issued result )

For revenue purpose of icai, they can charge more Fee from student as "EVALUATION FEE".. Even icai have to issued to exam copies of Toppers so that other student learn about the presentation for securing more and more marks..
Proposition is applicable to Icwai’ senior person also



Chintan Vasa (CA Final Student M.Com)   (1241 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

Rohit you said that there is a procedure then kindly share. To the extent i know there is no procedure however it would be highly helpful if you share us the procedyre. (If it is their)

N. Prasanth (Student) (31 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

See Friends!! Just see the results. Just check around you- who are not really competent and have passed the exams. Are there any such candidates? Im sure NO.

As far as the checking system is concerned, Im sure that it is foolproof. Have faith in ur institute.

And as far as I know, there is no facility to view your papers. Delhi high court did allow that under RTI, but that has been ruled out. But there is an option for Revaluation, which carries a fees. and I think, that is refundable if you have a positive revaluation.

Mohit (Assistant article) (22 Points)
Replied 03 September 2009

 i think answersheets should be disclosed to the students so that they can know whats there mistakes ,so that they can improve in their next coming xam..............or they r gtng right marks or not....

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