Always Think "I Can"....

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114109 Points)

03 January 2011  
Have you seen the elephant in a circus?
So big and powerful?
Did you notice how this huge elephant is tied with a very thin chain!?
You sure must have wondered how such a thin chain can tie down such a huge elephant?
Here's the secret!!
When the elephant was a baby, the trainer tied it with a very think chain. Every time the baby elephant pulled on the chain to try an break free it could not, it hurt.
The baby elephant tried again with even more power, it hurt even more. It tried once again and it hurt again. This went on for many days, it hurt all over

One fine day, they baby elephant decide to STOP TRYING. Since that day the elephant did not try and it stopped hurting. Since that day, the baby elephant has just GIVEN UP Its of NO use, I CAN'T – the elephant has affirmed The elephant wants to break-free but believe I CAN'T. I know it, I've tried! Now the elephant has grown big and powerful. It can easily break the chain if it decides to TRY. Don't you want to shout to the elephant – break free YOU CAN! The chains that bind us, just like the elephant are our I CANT's.

So even if you fail many time dont say that "I Cant" always believe in yourself and say "I Can"....

Nothing is permanent. So is faliure.