All cci members beware of fake profiles..

CA Pallav Singhania (IT System Auditor) (33257 Points)

27 December 2013  

From past few months someone making fake profiles with the credentials of Genuine members and trying to defame them..

Yesterday I saw a Profile with My name and my Pic..


That Person is making  nonsense comments on posts, making scraps,  and PMs to other members..

Please beware of such profile, if you get any such PMs or Scraps from any profile please do check whether the profile is genuine or not..


You can check its originality by its score and from how long he's using such profile...

Please do inform Admin if you get to know anything about such fake profiles...


CCI is a very beautiful and helpful platform for Professionals and for Students but few people ruing it by doing such unhealthy and bad practice..


CCI Admins are very helpful and they are very much tensed as we are...

I hope all CCI members will take this seriously and make CCI free from such Evil minds...



Aryan Singhania {Pallav}