A message from Assistant secretary to all PE2 Student

Nitin Moudgil (~) (694 Points)

19 May 2010  

Dear All,


Recently i go through an experiment with new e-sahayathaa of ICAI.... All the story is given below.... All i wana say u that mene kaha kuj or unhoney samjha kuj or..!!!!!!




Grievance Status : Resolved.
Grievance Remark : Dear Student The ongoing PE – II Examination is the last and final attempt for the students pursuing PE II Course. After this the student has to switch over to IPCC Course for which details can be taken from your concerned Regional Office or Board of Studies. Regards Assistant Secretary ICAI


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Grievance No. 00520105538AM
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Region Northern
Name Nitin Moudgil
Memebership/Registration No. NRO0151729
Grievance Type Article Registration
Grievance Respected Sir,

Greeting to all.

Sir i have no query regarding the system and ICAI notification. I am just writing this box because i just want one thing from ICAI.

Sir, i am PE2 student. And this letter i am writing on behalf of every PE2 student. We are facing big problem due to poor result percentage, and as you know last 2 attemps our passing percentage was not even 5%. Sir i donot want you to manipulate result in any way i just want to you to be fair and clear. About 17000 student left under old scheme, and all has given last attempt with only this hope that this time our result will be fair as like in PCC and IPCC.

I just want to request you please donot ignore us, we devoted our valuable life in PE2 and we dont want them to go wasted.

Thankyou, once again if i said anything out of level then i am extremely sorry. Good Day All

A normal PE2 Student who has faith in institute
Nitin Moudgil
Grievance Date 14/05/2010