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CS Bijoy's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 975

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About me

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Question I can answer: Basically Corporate Law related question I can easily answer, but the Service Tax, Excise, Accounts, and Audit related also I will try

    My area of expertise
    Company Law

    My experience in the area (years):
    Two years

    Organizations I belong to:
    Not Any

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    Bijoy CS

    Educational credentials:
    CS (Company Secretary)

    Award & Honors:
    Not Any

  • Member (Account Deleted) says : Bank Guarantee Available for Discounting
    Dear Sir I have a Bank Guarantee of 10 CR INR issuer Bank : State Bank of India and looking for discounting . Please advise if I can avail your services in relevance Warm Regards Ravvinder Whatsapp : + 91 8500886060

  • UDAY KHEMKA says : MCA Public documents
    Hi Bijoy, Our Organisation is working on a financial analysis tool. We want to give customized reports as per different customer segments. Now my query is, who all are the users of MCA "View Pubic Documents" or say "Inspection of company Records". We also would like to have a rough idea on %share of users for these documents. If you are going to do some research, kindly share the link. Thanks and Regards

  • kfgfgdfgffdfd says : please reply
    rm purchase-rs 1000(20 kgs) vat-rs 4 other expenses-rs 5 total-rs 1009 Q1) i presume that the below mentioned journal entries for vat purchases eligible for input credit are to be passed (using figures mentioned above ) purchase dr 1005 vat recevbl dr 4 party cr 1009 vat adjustment entry is vat payabl dr vat recevbl cr unadjusted vat recevbl amount will remain as dr balance in vat recevbl a/c and will be shown in asset side OF BALANCE SHEET .Am i correct? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Q2)what about cst purchases? (using figures mentioned above ) is the rm price 1009 in case cst is rs 4 and are following journal entries right purchase dr 1009 party cr 1009 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Q3)the accounting policy for 2012-13 is closing stock value of raw material= cost price or market price whichever is is lower 31/03/13- 500 kgs for which costprice is 108 and market price is 100 therefore closing stock value is 500 x 100 = 50000 as on 31/03/13 closing stock of 2012-13 is opening stock of 2013-14 so which of the following is correct working 1 o/s 500 kgs rs 50000 purch 100 kgs rs 10000 (assumption ) consump 500 kgs rs 54000 (108 rs (cp as given above) x 500 kgs) clsng stoc 100 kgs rs 6000 or working 2 o/s 500 kgs rs 50000 purch 100 kgs rs 10000 (assumption ) consump 500 kgs rs 54000 (100 rs (mp as given above) x 500 kgs) clsng stoc 100 kgs rs 10000 ASSUMING ONLY THE OPENING STOCK IS CONSUMED IN THAT MONTH AND NOT THE GOODS PURCHASED DURING THAT MONTH.Which rate is to be applied to determine the value of consumption -opening stock rate or actual cost price?

  • Ashwini says :
    I want to know the treatment of input vat on office equipment in maharashtra

  • Ankur Srivastava says : vat query
    does agent is rqd to get registered

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