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How to Analyse Stock Market Trends?

Are you planning to invest in the stock market? Or have you already invested in the stock market and are having a tough time trying to make profits? Then you are in the right place as I'm going to share with you an important lesson essential for trading! The beginning of your trade journey begins with the important lesson of understanding how the market functions. Only when you learn share market trend analysis or equity market trend analysis will you be making smart decisions and subsequ..

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Qualifications and Process of Listing Shares in a Stock Exchange

The procedure through which an unlisted company, a start-up or an early stage corporation can be listed on the stock exchange for trade or sale of its securities to the general public in the primary market is known as Initial Public Offering(IPO). Qualifications for listing Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are as below 1. Company must be registered as a Public Company under Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013 2. Paid up Capital The paid-up equity capital of the applicant shall not..

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SME Stock Exchange

Under the guidance and monitoring of Securities Exchange Board of India, BSE Ltd had launched its SME platform - BSE SME Platform and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited launched its platform "NSE Emerge" in 2012. These Platforms offer a unique opportunity to aspiring SMEs to raise capital, unlock its value and get listed on a nationwide stock exchange. They provide guidance to SMEs on the process required to list and introduction to intermediaries that can assist such compani..

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Stock Market: Noise vs. News

Investing in stock market is the process of keeping your money aside in the present with the expectation of earning capital appreciation (increase in share price of your stock) and dividend return in the future. Investing your money in stock market can fetch you a return of as high as 18 percent. Investing at the right time in the Right shares can fetch you overwhelming return with a little bit of research and patience to avoid market noise. Knowing what news to avoid or what advice to not to..

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Understanding Basics of Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM)

The stock market is essentially a marketplace where the buyers and sellers of stocks and other derivative products interact with each other and transact under certain rules and regulations that safeguard the interest of all parties. The market is supposed to function in an "efficient" way that leads to price discovery, negating arbitrage opportunities as the price adjustments take place based on demand and supply while providing free information to one and all. Whether the markets are ..

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Why should you be cautious in a bull market?

Dear Friends, As you are aware that increasing Stock Market of a country is the indication of strong economic and industrial development for a country. The increasing Stock Indices shows the confidence of people in the economy and government of the company. Stock markets are vital components of a free-market economy because they enable democratized access to trading and exchange of capital for investors of all kinds. They perform several functions in markets, including efficient price discove..

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ITC - Is the meme stock worth its weight?

In the social media-driven age, most of us would have come across memes relating to the stock of ITC Limited. These are mainly fuelled by the fact that despite being one of the favourite stocks of the fundamental analysts, the stock price has been relatively flat as compared to the market as a whole. Here is the price of the stock in the last 5 years. Source: Google Finance As it can be seen, the stock stood at Rs 242.70 on 6 Jan 2017 and is currently priced at Rs 218. So if ins..

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Shri Piyush Goyal gave a Seven Sutra mantra for the growth of stock exchange market

Shri Piyush Goyal calls for a Single window portal for doing robust common KYC system for Stock Brokers, Mutual Fund and depositories etc Shri Piyush Goyal calls for transparency and integrity in the stock markets to empower households and investment besides encourage investments. "The NSE has been able to eliminate a lot of bad practices and brought in more transparency in the working of the exchange"- Shri Piyush Goyal India has earned respect globally, with its robust techn..

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SEBI to Stiffen Rules for the Use of IPO Proceeds

The markets regulator on 28/12/2021 (Tuesday), tightened rules for initial public offerings. SEBI has aimed at tackling regulatory gaps and extreme stock price volatility on their trading debut. In the year 2021 Indian companies have raised Rs. 1.19 trillion through IPOs with 63 companies going public. However, the raging bulls have highlighted a few loopholes in the listing process, especially for new companies. SEBI has said that where the objective is inorganic growth, both acquisition ..

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Markets At Record Highs: Should You Stop Mutual Funds SIP, Book Profit, Wait For Correction Or Continue?

The Indian stock markets have recorded an all time high with the Sensex touching the 62,245.43 mark in October 2021 for the first time ever since its inception. At the same time, Nifty 50 have hit the fresh all time high of 18,000! As you can clearly see, the Indian stock markets have more than doubled since the unfortunate crash in March 2020 on the back of low-interest rate regime and liquidity. As the stock markets enjoy the status of all-time high, there are several potential questions that ..

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Is it Wise to Invest in Gold?

Gold has been a valuable commodity for centuries. If history is revisited, we get to know that gold has been used as a currency as well as a symbol of wealth and power. The long-standing value demonstrates the stability of gold and its attractiveness. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that gold is one of the safest investments offering quick returns. Investing in Gold One of the major differences of investing in gold in the past and present is that there are many more investment options ..

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Listing a company on stock exchange & IPO application process

The year 2021 so far has been the best year for the initial public offerings (IPOs) and listings. Almost Thirty eight companies have already made their maiden offers till July 2021 which includes some of biggest business giants like Zomato, Paytm etc. While More than half of these IPOs did well only on the very first listing day, others (like Paytm) have gone into negative or remained flat. One of the questions that generally arises in the mind of young entrepreneurs are how to list your busi..

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Crypto Bill: Government to Introduce Bill to Ban Private Cryptocurrencies in India

Introduction The government is set to introduce "The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021" in the winter session of Parliament beginning 29 November. The main Objective of the bill is "to create a facilitative framework for the creation of the official digital currency to be issued by the Reserve Bank of India." What will the Bill prohibit? The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 "shall prohibit ..

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Cryptocurrency Regulations in India - What to Expect?

Cryptocurrency in India has recently taken the path of robust growth amid the lack of regulations. However, things would soon be changing as the government and the RBI has recently hinted about floating a strong regulatory control on cryptocurrency to avoid money laundering and terror financing. This was also stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a virtual address, held on 18 November,2021, at Sydney Dialogue while urging all the democratic nations to come together and ensure it does not ..

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Are New Age IPOs Becoming a Madness of People?

On 11th Nykaa, (Single profit making company among the Blockbuster recent listings among PB, Paytm, Zomato) an online fashion seller listed its shares on Stock Market at the valuation of 22x of its SALES. WITHIN 3 days it got double and inflated to 1800x PE ratio (smaller the better). Whereas TCS valued at PE 30x -35x considered little bit expensive. It takes 1800 years to get money back if Nykaa continues to do same profit. 'Poor' people are still buying it! But why? There is an anal..

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The new age of IPOs

The Nykaa IPO created a great buzz and gave upto 90% of returns to investors on the very first day. Story of Zomato and Swiggy IPO was success  and Paytm IPO is oversubscribed too but why sudden obsession with IPOs? Nykaa IPO was expected to give good returns but not this high as company was a profit making a big brand though formed in 2012.  Its a new unicorn. Paras defence, Nureca gave good returns to its investors. This has encourage more and more companies to go for IPO...

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Should you invest in current IPOs?

If we discuss on IPOs, interests of company promoters and public investors normally act against each other. Investors will ideally benefit the most by investing in IPOs when secondary markets are at lows. In contrast, promoters will benefit the most by selling their shares through IPOs when markets are at record highs. In this war of interests, company promoters always win because they are much intelligent (can even say 'crooks'), have money power, can hire expert professionals for ..

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All you need to know about the Nykaa IPO

Nykaa is a multi-brand beauty and personal care platform in India and is expanding rapidly into fashion and lifestyle segments. It is also trying to woo men with the launch of Nykaa Man. The 5,352 crore IPO of FSN E-commerce Ventures, which owns Nykaa, opened on Thursday. The TPG-backed startup's initial stake sale is a mix of a fresh issue and an offer for sale (OFS). Kotak Mahindra Capital, Morgan Stanley India, BofA Securities India, Citigroup Global Markets India, JM Financial and ..

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What are Candlestick Charts in the Stock Market?

Many times you would have seen red and green bars on stock market channels and wondered what they are. In this article, I will let you know what are these bars and their usage. Fundamental analysis of stocks mainly focuses on the financial data of the company, its balance sheet, P/L and its long term strategies. On the other hand, technical analysis focuses on trends and patterns in the stock market. It is very evident that the past stock patterns repeat after some point of time. By reading a..

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Which Ratios should you check before Investing in Stock?

Investing in stocks has always been a matter of fear for us since we have been always taught stock market as speculation. However, times have changed now, with the outrage of social media and internet, people are becoming more and more aware of the financial literacy in India. Any stock can be analyzed on many parameters but these are 6 basic checks which can tell you whether to go for further analysis or not. So here are 6 parameters which you must look at before investing in any stock. 1..

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