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Myths of Stock Market

In this article, I will be sharing the experience that I have observed during my presence in stock market. Here are myths about the stock market that I particularly observed:  a) Myth 1: This stock market is a 'get-rich quickly scheme' Reality: The stock market can provide you good returns over the long term, but it is not the way to make quick money. Successful investing requires patience, discipline and importantly long-term perspective.   b) Myth 2: Only the e..

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Understanding Financial Fundamentals through Debt to Equity Ratio

Continuing my series of understanding Financial Parameters, the first two being: Market Capitalization Understanding Financial Fundamentals through Price-Earnings Ratio   Here's the third most important financial parameter: Debt to Equity Ratio  Formula for Debt to Equity Ratio also known as DE Ratio is Total Liabilities divided by Total Shareholder's Funds. Shareholders funds = Total Assets - Total Liabilities or, Share Capital + Retained Earnings + Othe..

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Understanding Financial Fundamentals through Price-Earnings Ratio

Continuing our investment series after Market Capitalization let us discuss another Pertinent financial fundamental i.e Price Earning Ratio. Formula of Price-Earning Ratio Current market price divided by Earnings Per Share or Market Capitalization divided by Total Net Earnings. It is one of the basic fundamentals to assess the company by Investors.    P/E ratio of 20-25 is considered good. P/E ratio of 20 means that an investor is ready to pay Rs.20 for Re.1 that the com..

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SEBI revamps buyback methods and provisions relating to buybacks

Securities and Exchange Board of India ('SEBI') vide its notification dt: February 7, 2023 has brought in SEBI (Buyback of Securities) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023. This is effective from the thirtieth day of notification of amendment in official gazette i.e. effective of the amendment is March 9, 2023 except in some cases where the date of applicability is specifically mentioned. Nature of amendment Brief of amendment ..

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Market Capitalization

So many times we hear the term "Market Capitalization" or "Market Cap". But what actually does this term mean? Let's try to understand- In layman language, Market Cap means total current market value of outstanding shares of the company. Its based on the current value of the shares of the company. Outstanding Shares means shares issued by the company that have been held by the investors. Suppose the current price of shares of XYZ Ltd is Rs. 10/- and total outstan..

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Complete Procedure for Recovery of Shares from IEPF

Recovery of Shares In India From IEPF Share investments used to be made using actual paper share certificates in the past. The investors received tangible grants of the investments they made in a corporation in the form of debentures or shares. These shares or debentures were in paper form, which made them difficult to keep and readily loseable and destroyable. Such iepf unclaimed shares in physical form might exist for a number of reasons, including ripped shares, lost shares, iepf unclaimed..

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Procedure for Transfer of Shares of a Private Company

A private limited company's ownership is decided by the Company's shareholders. The share of the private limited company would need to be transferred in order to accept new investors or transfer ownership of the firm. This article examines the share transfers for private limited companies. Share Transfer Restrictions in AOA A private limited company is viewed as a "closed corporation" of its members, much like a partnership firm. As a result, limits on the transfer of sha..

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Claim Your Unclaimed Shares / Dividends from IEPF Authority

How to Claim Dividend? The securities were distributed in the form of paper certificates prior to the implementation of dematerialization. The possibility of the certificates being destroyed, lost, or misplaced rose with the issuance of shares in physical form. There have been cases where the stockholders passed away and the heirs were unable to get the specified sum for the reasons listed above. As a result, it became urgently necessary to develop a methodical approach to recover shares in I..

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Effectiveness Of Different Trading Strategies for Investors

Trading strategies help individuals effectively invest in different assets, ranging from equities, bonds, ETFs, futures and options and other securities. Effectiveness of Trading Strategies for Investors It is crucial to realise that either the trader makes significant profits or losses depending on how effective the stock trading strategies are and how well they understand the basics.   To increase the effectiveness of trading strategies, investors should monitor the markets..

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Govt's greed destroying petroleum industry in India

In July, the Indian government started levying a hefty additional excise duty on crude oil in the name of 'windfall gains' to upstream companies. The magnitude of greed shown by the government can be understood from the fact that the tax originally imposed was Rs. 23,250 per ton or $46 a barrel! The crude was around $110 at that time and average realization for Indian companies was around $92 a barrel. Even if we assume the government has a right to take away 50% of the so called '..

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All about Capital Market

INTRODUCTION The capital market today is a reality met in any modern economy. It is a market the necessity of which is unchallengeable, an extremely dynamic and innovative structure, permanently adapting to the economic environment and at the same time an influential factor of it, generating opportunities and to the same extent risk for all categories of participants to the economic activity, being a replica of a national economy to a small scale, but nevertheless especially representative. T..

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What is Margin Call Forex?

Let's imagine the situation: You've been trading forex for a while and you're starting to see some good profits. You're feeling pretty confident in your abilities and decide to increase your stakes by increasing your margin. Suddenly, things start going out of control and you find yourself in the dreaded margin call situation. So, what is a margin called Forex? And more importantly, how to avoid it? In this article, we are going to introduce you to this concept so that you ..

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Why is Zomato in the Red?

Why is Zomato in Red The love for food, the comfort of home and procrastination to cook has made Zomato a household name in India. Zomato is currently one of the biggest players in the food delivery space, competing majorly only against Swiggy. However, the stock of Zomato has been largely unimpressive since its stellar debut. Let us have a look at the price movement since its listing. (Source: Google Finance) [1] The stock was listed on 23rd July 2021 at a price of INR 116, agai..

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The beta factor of securities

In the recent days, we witnessed that the markets are widely affected by the macroeconomic factors like inflation, supply chain issues and geo-political tensions because of which stock prices are looking unstable. We have to stay alert while picking stocks. For that we should know how a stock behaves. So, what if there is an indicator to find the sensitivity of stocks in relation to markets? Yes, there is. We can measure the volatility of stocks with the help of a statistical measure called Beta..

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Valuation Issue - ESOPs

Introduction An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a method of rewarding employees that gives them a share of the company’s ownership. Employees are offered stocks of the company at a low or no additional cost that they can encash after a specific period at a particular price. Companies often use ESOPs as a corporate-finance strategy to align the interests of their employees with those of their shareholders. ESOP schemes give employees a Call Option which means they have no obli..

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Grinold Kroner Model to predict stock return

GRINOLD KRONER MODEL                ( TO PREDICT STOCK RETURN )                                                   ( This article covers the Grinold Kroner Model to predict the stock,a sector or the market re..

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Piotroski Score - An instant metric for stock screening

For an investor, the most critical part is picking the right stocks for investment. Especially in these times of recession, only the companies which are fundamentally deep can sustain and beat the market with the character. Another part of stock picking is finding the right time to enter the market. Hence, any investor before going long for a stock has to do both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. And these analyses need our time and a bit of research. But what if we have an instant sc..

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How to Analyse Stock Market Trends?

Are you planning to invest in the stock market? Or have you already invested in the stock market and are having a tough time trying to make profits? Then you are in the right place as I'm going to share with you an important lesson essential for trading! The beginning of your trade journey begins with the important lesson of understanding how the market functions. Only when you learn share market trend analysis or equity market trend analysis will you be making smart decisions and subsequ..

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Qualifications and Process of Listing Shares in a Stock Exchange

The procedure through which an unlisted company, a start-up or an early stage corporation can be listed on the stock exchange for trade or sale of its securities to the general public in the primary market is known as Initial Public Offering(IPO). Qualifications for listing Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are as below 1. Company must be registered as a Public Company under Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013 2. Paid up Capital The paid-up equity capital of the applicant shall not..

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SME Stock Exchange

Under the guidance and monitoring of Securities Exchange Board of India, BSE Ltd had launched its SME platform - BSE SME Platform and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited launched its platform "NSE Emerge" in 2012. These Platforms offer a unique opportunity to aspiring SMEs to raise capital, unlock its value and get listed on a nationwide stock exchange. They provide guidance to SMEs on the process required to list and introduction to intermediaries that can assist such compani..

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