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Operationalisation of online payments thru debit/credit card

Directorate General of Foreign Trade has launched the facility of online payment of application fees through Credit/Debit cards and electronic fund transfer from Banks...

Posted on 08 September 2016  (Downloads: 73) Custom

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Release of Mobile Application for DGFT related services

Android users can download mobile application free from Google Play Store by searching the key word “DGFT” or at the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.cdac.dgft_new...

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Consumption Register

Appendix 4G as appearing in para 9.06 of current Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 was revised as Appendix 4H...

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Export of Finished Leather

Export of finished leather, Wet Blue and EI Tanned leather has been permitted through the ICD at Kheda also...

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EODC of Advance Authorizations / DFIA

Where Advance Authorization holder or DFIA holder made supplied to SEZ units and realized proceeds in Indian rupees is eligible for closure redemption EODC as per para 4.1.16 (a) of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14...

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Preferential Treatment for Status Holders.

Timeline for disposal of applications ( received through electronic mode) of 5 star and 4 star status holders and 3 star , 2 star and 1 star status holders in pursuance of current Foreign Trade Policy provisions at para 3.24(8)....

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Special Advance Authorization Scheme

CBEC Advisory on introduction of Special Advance Authorization Scheme on export of articles of apparels and clotting accessories of 61 and 62 of ITC (HS) classification introduced with effect from 01.09.2016...

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Export benefit on Grapes packed in imported material - VKGUY

It is clarified that Grapes packed in durable imported containers are eligible for VKGUY benefit under Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14...

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Revised ANF 5B, 5C and Appendix 5C for EPCG Authorization

Application form for redemption of export obligation under EPCG Authorization in ANF 5B, application for clubbing of EPCG Authorizations and Chartered Accountant Certificate in Appendix 5C for redemption of EPCG have been notified....

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Import of Apples

Import of Apples (HS Code 08081000) is allowed only through Nhava Sheva Port....

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Procedure for export of Sesame Seeds

Conditions for export of Sesame seeds to European Union countries were notified. ...

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Export of Roasted Gram

Export of Roasted Gram(whole/split) in consumer packs of 1 (one) Kg has been permitted...

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Export performance for Recognition of Status Holders

Status Holder-Amendment in Para 3.20(b) of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 The criteria for recognition as status holder has been changed w.e.f 01.04.2016 to the exports in the current and previous three financial years from the existing criteria of curren...

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Classification of Silico Manganese for FPS

Clarified that Silico Manganese is eligible for benefits under Sl No 249 of Appendix 37D notified vide P.No.6 Dated 20.06.2012 and Sl No 282 of Appendix 37D notified vide P.No. 52 dated 25.02.2014...

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FPS for all " Other Cast Article of Iron or Steel

Clarified that all "Other Articles of Iron or Steel" falling under the 4 digit ITC (HS) Code -7325 whether malleable or non malleable are eligible for FPS under the entry 279 of Appendix 37D as revised vide Public Notice No 52 Dated 25.02.2014....

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Third party exports under EPCG Scheme

According to para 5.10 (b) of Hank Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20 EPCG Authorization holder may export through third party also for fulfillment of export obligation. Vide Policy Circular No 3/2015-20 dated 02.09.2015 it is clarified that this faci...

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Notification of services for EO discharge under EPCG

List of services, payments for which are received in Rupee terms and which can be counted towards discharge of Export obligation under the EPCG Scheme, is notified vide Appendix5D . Appendix 3E shall not be applicable for EPCG scheme...

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Realization in INR for discharge of EO under EPCG Scheme

A new appendix 5 b containing a list of services has been notified . The payment received on their export in INR shall be counted for fulfillment of Export Obligation under EPCG Scheme....

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Exports of Onions under Merchandise Exports From India Scheme

MEIS rate for export of onions fresh or chilled falling under HS Code 07031010 is notified (5%). It would be effective for export made up to 31.12.2016....

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Inclusion of Hosur and Nattakkam in ICD list

Inland Container Depots (ICDs) at Hosur, Tamilandu and Nattakkam, Kottayam Taluk, Kerala are included as port of registration under Para 4.37 (a) of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20 for availing export promotion benefits. ...

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