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Tamil Nadu Recovers Rs 1524 Crore Under IGST with Tax Research Unit's Efforts

Last updated: 17 June 2024

The Commercial Taxes Department of Tamil Nadu has successfully recovered ₹1,523.95 crore under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST), thanks to the diligent work of its newly established Tax Research Unit. The IGST, levied and collected by the Centre on inter-State supply of goods and services, is a complex system with a settlement mechanism that has posed challenges for many states.

Breakdown of IGST and its Settlement Mechanism

The IGST settlement process involves crediting the tax revenue based on consumption, categorized into business consumption and direct consumer consumption within the state. Taxpayers can avail of Input Tax Credit (ITC) on IGST supplies and adjust this credit against their GST liability in their respective states. This credit must be claimed by November of the following financial year, adding a layer of complexity to the process.

Tamil Nadu Recovers Rs 1524 Crore Under IGST with Tax Research Unit s Efforts

Establishment and Achievements of the Tax Research Unit

On December 30, 2022, Tamil Nadu set up its Tax Research Unit to tackle these challenges head-on. A senior government official explained, "The unit analysed IGST patterns and identified approximately 600 companies. We discovered that 380 companies had not utilized their IGST credit, resulting in ₹3,046 crore lying unclaimed with the Central government. We have successfully reclaimed 50% of this amount as the State’s share in March, April, and May 2024."

The official emphasized that this recovery is just the beginning. "This is the first phase, and the research unit will continue to scrutinize IGST data. We've identified instances where machinery imported under IGST had unclaimed tax credits."

Collaborative Efforts and Future Plans

To bolster its data analysis capabilities, the department has partnered with IIT-Hyderabad for Big Data analytics. This collaboration aims to delve deeper into revenue loss aspects and further optimize the IGST recovery process.

The initiative has already yielded significant results, with the government identifying mismatches in traders' monthly and yearly returns, leading to the recovery of ₹150 crore in recent months.

Additionally, the state government has appointed a panel chaired by Arvind Subramanian, former Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India. This panel is tasked with studying the IGST settlement pattern specific to Tamil Nadu, ensuring a fair and efficient allocation of tax revenues to the state.


The proactive steps taken by Tamil Nadu's Commercial Taxes Department, through its Tax Research Unit and strategic partnerships, have proven highly effective in reclaiming substantial IGST revenues. These efforts not only bolster the state's finances but also set a precedent for other states to follow in optimizing their tax recovery processes. As the unit continues its work, further recoveries and improvements in the IGST system are anticipated, benefiting the state's economic health and governance.

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