Success stories of CS Rank holders from Dec 2017 exams

Let’s hear from Rank Holders of CS Foundation Programme

Qasim Saif
Registration No. - 417985474702/2017

What I achieved was impossible to do so without the guidance of my teachers, Support of my parents and help of my friends. This achievement is not my personal achievement but a result produced by group efforts of my teachers, family and friends. What I simply did was just respect and work in harmony with them and result just came in.

There is a saying Ideas are easy and implementation is difficult this is what exactly was the reason for my success. As we all know most of us make a study schedule but rarely that schedule is followed after 2 to 3 days. This is what made the difference in my result that I not only carefully made my schedule but also implemented it. This may sound very simple but believe me friends it is a colossal task but if you have the determination to do it I believe you can definitely do it.

Some tricks and strategy that I used in my studies are listed here

- Study difficult chapters first
- Set define targets to be achieved in a particular day
- Do not leave even a single chapter
- Modules are the best study material
- There is no Substitute of hard work

I wish all of you best of luck for your further endeavors

Thank you
Qasim Saif

To know more in details about the other rank holders, find the enclosed attachment

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on 10 March 2018
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