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MCA | Call for Research Proposals under "Funding Research and Studies, Workshops and Conference, Etc."

Posted on 17 February 2021


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is pleased to invite research proposals under the scheme “Funding Research and Studies, Workshops and Conferences etc.” with the objective of extracting knowledge from the extensive data available with MCA. The proposals can be submitted latest by 26th February 2021. Read the official announcement below:

File No. 2/1/CDMPS/2016-R&A
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Government of India

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is pleased to invite research proposals under the scheme “Funding Research and Studies, Workshops and Conferences etc.” with the objective of extracting knowledge from the extensive data available with MCA. This will eventually enable to form policy and facilitate decision making in a market driven economy in areas related, inter alia, to corporate growth and corporate functioning in the overall macro-economic perspective.

The detailed guidelines for funding “Research and Studies, Workshops and Conferences etc.” can be accessed at

The research proposals should be submitted in the prescribed format as in Annex-I. Research Proposals received on or before 26th February, 2021 will be considered. Proposals, queries, clarifications etc. may be mailed at or



Format of the Research Proposal

The expected length of the research proposal should not exceed more than 5 pages and shall be in the format as stated below:

I. Title

The title of the planned research project should be brief, it should be accurate, descriptive and comprehensive, clearly indicating research area. A realistic time frame in which it is planned to complete the project may also be given.

II. Objective/Background to the Problem

This section should precisely cater to the questions such as “What problem do I want to address or what question(s) do I want to answer?” Also elaborate on the variables and their relationships. Elaborate on the question “why this problem or question is important?”

III. Literature Review

In this section give a literature review covering “Who else has worked on this or similar problems?’/ “What were the results or conclusions of previous research?” etc. Also show the relevance of your research vis-a vis other researches that have been done.

IV. Research Design and Methodology

This section should explain in detail how it is intended to approach and proceed with the study. This is a very important part of the research outline and should receive a lot of attention. It may well be the longest section of your proposal. Give detailed information about how you intend to answer your research questions. Give answers to questions such as “ How will I limit my study?”/ “what data do I need to collect?”/ “ What statistical methods/ techniques will I use to collect the
data and how will I justify them?’/ “How will I analyse my data?’ / “The controls you will introduce”/ “Ethical issues” etc.

V. Expected Results and output of the study

This section should highlight the expected findings from your study and what results do you expect from your research? Also, in this section, elaborate on how data will be used to answer your research question(s), to make generalizations, to defend assertions, to examine possible alternative outcomes to construct a plausible arguments.

VI. Costing and Timelines

This section indicates the costing/ financial implications for your study. The timelines of the project should be aligned with the schedule of disbursal of grants indicated in the prescribed guidelines.

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