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Invitation to become Checker for Chartered Accountants Examinations

Examination Department of the Institute would like to avail the services of the members of the Institute (upto 15 years of Experience) to act as Checker, other details are as under:

The Examination Department of the Institute avails the services of resource persons (members of the Institute, academicians, executives, etc.) to act as Examiners to evaluate the answer books of Chartered Accountants Examinations (Final/IPCE/PCE). Each examiner is required to appoint a person as his checker to inter-alia perform the following functions besides assisting him in the preparation of Award List.

The services of the checkers are required at individual examiner level to check the following:

1. To ensure that the marks awarded to the sub parts of a question entered in the marks grid on the cover page of the answer book has been totaled correctly.

2. To ensure that the total marks written in numerals in the marks grid on the cover page of the answer book tallies with what is written in words therein below.

3. To ensure that total marks in the grid is carried forward correctly in numerals in the OMR portion on the right hand bottom corner of the cover page of the answer book.

4. To ensure that the darkening of the corresponding OMR circles on the cover page is done as per the numerals written in the box there above.

5. To ensure that the total marks on the cover page of the answer book is carried forward correctly in the award list against the respective code number.

6. To ensure that the totals of the marks entered in each column of the award list is correct.

7. To ensure that the grand total of each award list is correct

8. To ensure that the total number of answer books is entered correctly in the relevant box in the award list.

9. To ensure that darkening of circles in the award list is in accordance with the marks written in numerals against the respective code number of the answer book.

10. To ensure that the page wise totals of marks awarded on the award list is carried forward correctly to the summary sheet

11.To ensure that totaling of marks of all the candidates carried forward to the Summary Sheet is correct.

12.To ensure that darkening of OMR circles is done completely in Cover page of the answer books as well as OMR Award List.

Over all scheme for members of the Institute to become checkers:

1. Members who would like to associate with the Examination Department to act as Checker have to fill up an online form available at The Examination Department will not entertain any other mode of empanelment application form.

2. Based on the assignment given to individual examiners, reference of such examiners to whom the services of empanelled checkers are required would be provided to the empanelled checkers in due course.

3. Though the empanelment is open to members having upto 15 years of experience, first preference will be given to members having upto 5 years of post membership experience. Similarly second preference will be given to members with upto 10 years of post membership experience and so on.

4. The empanelled checkers have to visit the examiners at their residence or official address for providing the services as aforesaid.

5. A token honorarium of Rs. 25 per full paper or Rs. 15 per half paper would be paid to the checkers.

6. It is anticipated that the number of visit of checker to the examiners’ office/residence would be maximum 3 to complete the assignment for which a conveyance expenditure reimbursement of Rs. 1000 for A class cities or 500 Rs. for B class cities (per occasion) will be paid. Additional visits by the checkers to examiners, if found necessary may, also be eligible for reimbursement of the conveyance expenditure subject to necessary approvals.


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