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Income Tax Department Ensures No Data Loss in CR Building Fire Tragedy

Last updated: 16 May 2024

The Income Tax Department has reassured taxpayers that no data loss occurred due to the fire incident at its CR Building in ITO, where one official tragically lost his life.

In a recent post on [X platform], the Income Tax Department confirmed that the fire, which broke out in room no. 325 and adjoining areas primarily used for administrative purposes, is now under control. Immediate evacuation measures were implemented, and fire brigades swiftly responded to the situation.

Income Tax Department Ensures No Data Loss in CR Building Fire Tragedy

Fortunately, the department stated that no physical records were damaged, emphasizing that all Income Tax Returns are filed online and related proceedings are conducted electronically. This assurance alleviates concerns regarding the safety of taxpayer data amidst the unfortunate incident.

Tragically, despite the concerted efforts to rescue him, an Office Superintendent lost his life due to smoke inhalation. The Income Tax Department expressed profound condolences to the family of the deceased official and affirmed its commitment to providing every possible assistance during this difficult time.

The fire incident at the Central Revenue Building in New Delhi is a tragic event, but the reassurance from the Income Tax Department regarding the safety of taxpayer data provides a semblance of relief amidst the sorrow. As investigations continue to ascertain the cause of the fire, the department remains dedicated to upholding its responsibilities and supporting its personnel and their families.

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