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ICAI to Issue Global Networking Guidelines for Indian CA Firms

Last updated: 18 May 2024

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) will soon introduce international networking guidelines to aid domestic firms in expanding their global presence, ICAI President Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal announced. This move comes as part of a broader effort to enable Indian firms to compete on a global stage.

Agarwal also revealed that the ICAI will review and potentially relax its advertising regulations to align with contemporary economic conditions and the needs of a globalized business environment. Currently, ICAI's advertising rules restrict the font size of advertisements to 14 points.

ICAI to Issue Global Networking Guidelines for Indian CA Firms

"This initiative to frame international networking guidelines is included in the terms of reference for our Committee on Aggregation of CA Firms. We believe this is essential for Indian firms to achieve global recognition," Agarwal stated in an interview.

The committee, which is tasked with the amalgamation of CA firms, is also focusing on revising advertising regulations. These changes are expected to support Indian firms in gaining a stronger foothold internationally. The committee aims to finalize its report by mid-June, with the Central Council set to review it in early July.

Prime Minister's Vision and ICAI's Fast-Track Approach

Reflecting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 2017 call to create Indian accounting firms that could join the ranks of the world's Big 8, Agarwal emphasized that the ICAI is moving swiftly to meet this objective. With approximately 96,000 CA firms in India, most of which are small proprietorships, significant progress is anticipated.

Artificial intelligence initiatives

In line with ICAI's new focus on artificial intelligence (AI), the institute is developing a Gen AI tool to assist its 4 lakh members and 9 lakh students. "We aim to have this GPT tool ready in the next three months. It will serve as a digital assistant, enhancing the efficiency of our members and students," Agarwal explained. ICAI has received 90 applications from IT vendors for this project.

Additionally, ICAI is working towards a complete transition to an e-office framework, aiming to become a paperless organization by the end of June.

'Each One, Teach One' Portal

Agarwal announced the imminent launch of a portal for the 'Each One, Teach One' program, where every ICAI member will mentor a student. This initiative is designed to foster personal and professional growth among aspiring chartered accountants. The portal will track the social contributions of each member involved in the program.

Smooth conduct of examinations

Agarwal confirmed that the ongoing CA examinations, involving 4.36 lakh students from 293 centers nationwide, are proceeding without any issues.

These initiatives underscore ICAI's commitment to fostering global competitiveness and leveraging technology to support its members and students. The upcoming guidelines and regulatory revisions are set to position Indian CA firms for enhanced international integration and recognition.

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