Works contract exemption & abatement notification

Rudrayani Shedjale (Assistant Accountant) (751 Points)

14 December 2018  

For Works Contract Service- we take 60% abatement & 40% is taxable.

& the services availed by GTA - we pay service tax on 25% of the invoice value.

so while filing the service tax returns There is a column of Exemptions & its asking if availed any benefit of exemption notification.

should i mention there 026/2012-S.T. dated 20.6.12 (where the "Services of GTA -25% taxable is mentioned")

& after that its asking for Abatements from the value of services has been claimed or not

should i mention there 024/2012-S.T. dated 06.06.12 (where it is mentioned as in case of works contract service tax shall be payable on 40% of the total amount charged for the works contract)

please advise