Why icai study material is important for study?

ACA Anurag (Enjoy the little things)   (14706 Points)

17 August 2016  

ICAI Study material :

Its now very often that students always prefer to study from other writers books and they keep institute book into the dustbin. Student never understand the importance of the book because they never tried to understand it. 

All the writers who write there book keep institute as there background material and published there own in some easy language . Student think that easy language is very good but when they check there result they got shocked .

Actually, ICAI has a standard and they want that student should answer in the same way, Its very important to study from Institute material as it will help you in getting success soon .

ICAI publish so many material for the benefit of the student as Study Material, Practice Manual, Revision test Paper, Mock test Paper, Compilation of Question answers etc and we never tried to give valuable time on that .

As per current scenario it's very important for the students to go through the practice manual in depth and don't forget to revise Mock test paper and revision test paper .

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