Which ITR is applicable for Income from Salary, STCG, Trading both Intraday and F&O

Elimur Rahman (Consultant and Trustee in a TRUST)   (29 Points)

26 March 2021  
  1. Which ITR is applicable for income from different sources like
    1. Salary
    2. Short Term Capital Gain (STCG) from shares 
    3. Speculative Income from Intraday Trading
    4. Non-Speculative Income from F&O Trading
  2. Whether the income from Indraday and F&O can be considered as Business and Profession and if yes then below expenses are eligible for deduction for claculating NET Taxable income or not
    1. Remuneration to expert (part time monthly basis) for fundamental anaalysis and market analysis
    2. Interest paid to spouse and brother for capital raised for trading and investment at standard market rate of 15% yearly (It has been considered as income from interest for spouse and brother while calculating their income)
    3. Mobil phone purchase for trading
    4. Internet and mobile expense
    5. Antivirus for PC
    6. STT and other transaction charges including brokarage fee