What's your Raashi? ( for 10.08.2009)

Ashish Dug.. (CA (FINAL)) (619 Points)

10 August 2009  

1. A R I E S:- 

Sure, you're ambitious -- and today's amazing energy helps you get even more out of your big ideas! It's the perfect day to put plans into action and to make sure that people know your name.


2. T A U R U S :-

Shop around a bit -- there's just no need for you to jump on anything that seems good enough. Go for the best, whether it's quality, quantity or cut-rate price, and you won't be sorry at all.


3. G E M I N I :-

You can make amazing progress toward your heart's desire -- if only you can figure out what it is! You're more in touch with your ambitions than usual, so get to the bottom of it and go for it!


4. C A N C E R :-

Your boss -- or someone else with power over you -- is much harder to get along with today, and you may have to figure out a few ways to get them to chill out so you can get your work done.


5. L E O :-

You're not so set in your ways -- and you prove it with ease today! Someone new might blow into the office or neighborhood offering a new way of looking at things, and you're at least a little interested.


6. V I R G O :-

Things are looking good for you and your friends or family today, as long as you are leading the way, or at least lending some guidance. You high spirits make good times that much easier to reach.


7. S C O R P I O:-

Start something healthy today -- anything from an extra banana at lunch to taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Your devotion to the positive side of health should take off!.....


8. S A G I T T A R I U S :-

You're so full of good energy that you can hardly believe how good you've got it. Things may get even crazier as you take on more and more projects, but don't let that stop you -- it's all good fun!


9. C A P R I C O R  N :-

You may stay up late worrying about something you've got no control over -- but that's all part of the solution. Sometimes you've got to provoke yourself to take action, and it might take some sleepy-headed thinking.


10. A Q U A R I U S :-

You're feeling pretty good about your own situation, so you can't help but notice when others are suffering. Today brings out your inner Good Samaritan and keeps you doing good deeds.


11. P I C E S :-

You need to hide away from people a bit today, if only to regroup and rethink things a bit. You shouldn't have to take all that long before rejoining the world and having another go at it.



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