What goes and gst come?

Tushar Shinde (Proprietor) (24 Points)

30 August 2016  

Kindly do correct in following flow for my better understanding of GST.

Current Liabilities                   born by                From 01.04.2017         born by

Direct Taxes                                                         Direct Taxes

Capital Gain Tax                     Central Govt             Capital Gain Tax        Central Govt

Corporate Tax                         Central Govt             Corporate Tax           Central Govt  

Income Tax                             Central Govt             Income Tax             Centra Govt 

Wealth Tax                             Central Govt            Wealth Tax              Central Govt

Indirect Taxes                                                        Indirect Taxes

Central Excise Duty                Central Govt            CGST+SGST             Central & State Govt

Service Tax                             Central Govt           CGST+SGST             Central & State Govt

Value Added Tax                    State Govt               CGST+SGST             Central & State Govt

Other Indirect Tax                                                 Other Indirect Tax

Entetainment Tax                  State Govt                CGST+SGST            Central & State Govt

Entry Tax                             State Govt                IGST                         State Govt

Luxury Tax                           State Govt                CGST+SGST             Central & State Govt

Motor Vehicle Tax                 State Govt                Motor Vehicle Tax       State Govt

Professional Tax                   State Govt                Professional Tax          State Govt

Property Tax                         Local Govt                Property Tax               Local Govt

Stamp Duty                          State Govt                Stamp Duty                State Govt

Direct Expences                                                   Direct Expences

Import Duty                          Central Govt               CGST+SGST             Central & State Govt

Octoi                                   Local Govt                  CGST+SGST            Central & State Govt

Toll Tax                               Central & State Govt    Toll Tax                      Central & State Govt


Following Indirect Taxes are going to replace by ONE INDIA TAX i.e. CGST, IGST & SGST,

Central Excise Duty

Service Tax

Value Added Tax

Following Other Indirect Taxes are going to replace by ONE INDIA TAX i.e. CGST, IGST & SGST, Entetainment Tax

Entry Tax

Luxury Tax

Following Direct Expences are going to replace by ONE INDIA TAX i.e. CGST, IGST & SGST,

Import Duty



Following Other Indirect Taxes have not change,

Motor Vehicle Tax

Professional Tax

Property Tax

Stamp Duty

Kindly do correction in above flow, for my better understanding.