What courses are required for app development?

nilaniraj (Tutor) (26 Points)

05 July 2023  

App development is an exciting field with lots of opportunities. To get started, I suggest learning the basics of programming first. 

You can start with courses like "Introduction to Programming" or "Programming Fundamentals" to grasp concepts like variables, loops, and conditional statements. Once you have mastered programming, you can advance to more specialized courses.

After that, you can dive into specific programming languages commonly used for app development, such as Java, Swift (for iOS), or Kotlin (for Android). Look for courses like "Java for Android Development" or "Swift Programming for iOS," depending on your preferred platform.
Just remember that app development is an ongoing learning process. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Attend workshops, participate in developer communities, and keep exploring new resources. Happy learning!