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Wasn't the may16-law paper unfair? hope d results are not!!

Maithili (1) (476 Points)

09 July 2016  

Hello friends, for the convenience of readers, i have written this article point wise.(9 points)


1)Corporate and  Allied Laws has become a paper where many students of CA final may feel cheated.

The questions of this paper has been very smartly & apparently very cunningly brought down to 4mrks per question. (MPQ)

This means a student has to attempt more questions. So  if a Student has to attempt 100mrks, he has to write atleast 25Q.s.

Please remember that this being a Theory Paper they never give full marks inspite of writing the answers perfectly & giving Correct Section-reference. A maximum score of 3 out of 4 can be expected.

2)Now what does this mean ?

It means that straightaway your Scoring Prospects are brought down to 75marks.

(This is because, they usually deduct 1mrk per Question(MPQ) anyhow, under the guise that this is a Theory Paper.

Has anyone ever got 4 on 4 in a Law answer?

3) At the same time students won’t be able to compromise on the length of the Answers, as this will lead to  further marks being deducted. So finally the student ends up in a fix as to whether attempt maximum questions or to go for perfection of answers.

4)The even bigger problem is that the suggested answers given by the Institute contain so many points that it is humanly impossible for anyone to incorporate all such points within the given 3Hrs.

If any student writes all points of an answer, i am sure that he wont be able to write beyond 84-90marks and if they don’t write all those points , then they get a maximum 2/4 inspite of writing the answer with proper referencing & conclusions.

So students have to compromise on the Length of their answers. This in turn, leads to deduction of marks under the guise that ‘all points of the answers have not been written’. So a student may get only 2 out of 4 in such cases even if he has given


5) It must be noted that the subject of Corporate & Allied Laws is quite Vast and humongous.

It takes so much time to understand & assimilate each & every provision.

Any CA student will agree that, No one can do ‘Fekam-feki’ (write own points randomly) in Law.

One has to study so many Sections, so many Limits(Turnover criteria , Applicability Dates, etc.).

and only thereafter will a person be able to write a proper answer with logical conclusion.

After putting in blood & sweat a student writes the answers for the questions.


6)    I feel in a Professional Exam’s Paper Atleast 3/ 4 marks if a student has written the following (IRRESPECTIVE OF THE LENGTH of their Answers),  if they have written the answers with

i)Proper Introduction

ii)Facts of Question – Correlating it with the relevant section

iii)Proper logical Conclusion

And Yes, Full marks(i.e. 4/4)  must be awarded if a student has given Proper reference of the relevant Section No. as well.

Kindly refer to what Sir CA TN Manoharan had said about paper correction in the video – ‘ICAI TIPS-How to prepare for CA Exams and Score High by CA T.N.Manoharan’ on the link given below

 (If  there is paucity of time, then watch directly from 1.11.23 to 1.12.30   - Just about 1minute)


I’m sure that all the students who have appeared for the Law paper will feel that,

 what he said is surely not being practiced by Law examiners.


7) Even one of the Renowned Professors of Law , CS Tejpal Sheth , has termed the Corporate & Allied Laws Paper of May 2016 as ‘Pathetic’. See Link below


He has also given the reasons for the same.

I fully agree with him in this regard. A lot of vague questions were asked in this attempt, where no one could write perfect answers. So this gives a lot of scope to the examiners to give marks as per their discretion.


8)  Friends, I have appeared for Law Paper 6 times and have scored above 50 , 5 times.

I strongly feel that either we must be given full (4/4 marks) where we write answers with proper referencing, conclusions (as well as section no.s)

I have found that it has been made very very difficult for students to score with the given paper pattern and paper correction to score beyond 55.

And Law is a crucial paper for scoring in Group I because FRM is always lengthy

& Sfm is always tough.


9) I sincerely request the Examiners to please give fair marks to the students commensurate to answers (by keeping in mind the efforts put by them even to write a single answer of Law properly).

And if many students have given good answers then why not give them all good marks?

After all, they have written those answers after putting in so many hours of hard work and toil to recollect and reproduce those answers.

You do not know how much pain they and their families have to undergo when they feel that they are not being given a fair chance ,to complete the paper and not being awarded the marks, they deserve.

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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

well drafted article madam
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CA srujankumar (CA) (245 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

law paper was a backstab.maithili u hv shown the feeling of every CA final student
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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

why i dont know
but institute will check law paper lienently

its my gut feeling.. but still...
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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

rather i would add the word "VERY" Lienently
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CA srujankumar (CA) (245 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

10 grace marks will definitely help all the fighters to win the battle
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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

i would still say 10 marks would be less.. becuz if watever i heard from my frends sister then lot of students will be around 35 to 40 which in any case might not sufficient to clear the group..
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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

*if watever i have heard from my frends sister is true

CA ashish mahershi (CA) (49 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

law paper was easy and questions were asked from pm which was indirectly asked hope for good marks like exemption

CA Brijendra Tripathi (Consultant) (142 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

True Said,

It was like we were in the midst of offence & penalties, like we were not students but the criminals. 

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CA srujankumar (CA) (245 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

Mr.ashish plz..post u r marks in law paper after the results are out
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CA Saurabh (PRACTICE) (1019 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

so mr ashish how much u r expecting
100 out of 100??
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Apurvakumar k shah (Senior Auditor) (417 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

saurabh lot of students are between 35 to 40 marks are before addition of 10 grace marks or after ?
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CA srujankumar (CA) (245 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

it is before the addition I think

CA Bijay Shrestha (Never Give up....No matter what....)   (853 Points)
Replied 09 July 2016

Its pathetic.....

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