Trading : Meaning & Advantages

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05 April 2023  

Trading is a popular activity among investors and traders. India has a vibrant stock market, with two major exchanges: the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

To start trading in India, one needs to open a trading and demat account with a registered broker. The broker will facilitate the buying and selling of shares, and the demat account will hold the shares in electronic form.

Advantages of Trading

Trading has several potential advantages for investors and traders, including:

  • Potential for profit: Trading provides an opportunity to earn profits by buying and selling securities, commodities,etc  at favorable prices.
  • Diversification: Trading can help investors diversify their portfolio by investing in different securities, sectors, or markets.
  • Flexibility: Trading allows investors to enter and exit positions quickly, giving them flexibility in managing their investments.
  • Access to global markets: With online trading platforms, investors can access markets around the world and take advantage of opportunities in different time zones.
  • Leveraged trading: Trading on margin allows investors to trade with borrowed funds, potentially increasing their returns.
  • Continuous learning: Trading requires ongoing research and analysis, providing an opportunity for investors to continually learn and improve their skills.