Totally failed career and health wise ca ipcc student

Niraj Nirala (Student>>CA>>IPCC) (134 Points)

06 November 2016  

I am Niraj Nirala, at 26. I am now totally fed up with my life. I don't what should I do with myself. I am Chartered Accountant student who failed 8times earlier in 2nd group of IPCC (Intermediate) exam and now once again just after 4 days 9th time I am going to appear. And today I am suffering from wheezing and shortness of breathing.

Let me tell you whole condition about my health. When I was 2-3 years old since then I am suffering from this (wheezing and shortness of breathing). I visited many as doctors till now if I say by guess for this problem I may had visited 30-40 doctors. Who suggested me if I will turn 10 it will automatically be gone but there were no changes then some other doctor suggested the same that I will be fine at the age of around 15 but still nothing changed. As my parents were not that known to that I had to get treated by a pulmonologist so till the age of somewhere 22-23 I always visited general physician/doctor. When I started reading about my problem on internet then I understood what is exactly I am facing. Mostly I get into this problem whenever face dust, change of weather, pollution. So I started visiting pulmonologist. Then one said I have allergy who treated me with medicines and told to wear mask all the time. Then after a year I visited another pulmonologist who declared I have chronic bronchitis what I believe this is the disease I am suffering from. 

So since my childhood I suffered  on an average 2times a year cold, cough, wheezing, shortness of breathing for atleast 1 month or more everytime; once suffered from Jaundice, Dengue, recently 1 month ago Chikangunia. I am 5"5 and my weight is 50kg. Always blocked throat for which I try to clear it which also sounds whole day.

My parents have no money so I will get treated by any well known or popular doctors by paying huge fees. 

At the end in short I will say I have no health, no wealth, completely failing in my career, no personality,  niether friends nor happy family and I am already 26; it became totally a hopeless life without any idea that why I hve been born. In an all I hate myself and say why I born. 2-3 times I was like I must not live any more mainly in the worst conditions of health. What should I do?? I have read and watched all motivational things. 

I am totally poor at concentration when I am alone. But always wanted that if I had a friend at same stage definitely we had success together. Since my concentration is as good studying with someone as bad alone. 

Especially my health and career made me totally hopeless. No idea what should I do, where do I go?? 😭😭😭😢😢😫😥