CA SURENDRA KUMAR RAKHECHA (Practising CA at Surat) (26248 Points)

17 July 2010  

Dear Friends, 



To avoid unnecessary list of threads every day at caclubindia; I have decided to post all the inspirational quotes and humour at this thread only. 



We all are here to increase our knowledge, share our inspirational quotes and humour. 



When we are in mood;  big personalities are also involved in such a manner which is liked by all but not by those who take them as  serious persons specially when they are engaged in the  profession.



I believe that life is full of colours and we run the profession to earn our bread and butter. We are not  made for the profession only.  It is just a part of our career and life. 



If we are involved only in profession; then surely there should not be need of a vacation.  Even schools which are made for studies; have long vacations. I have seen medical students who don't have time to take a bath for several days !!  Still they enjoy fun during their profession i.e. while curing the patients. It seems almost impossible !  At one time they have to cure the patients who are suffering and at the second time when they meet with colleagues; they laugh a lot.  This is the reason of  good life of doctors. 



We are also entitled to live the life as we wish. 



Hope others will agree. 



Please give your inputs. 



(If there are inputs; output will be generated automatically). 



To start with, everyday I will try to give some quotes which I think classic one. 



Humour will also be shared at this thread only. 



Wish your kind support. 



Please don't hesitate the comment critically.  The forums is for discussion. 


I hope you all will appreciate it.