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I have mistakenly filed filed e tds returns (24Q) for Q2 (2017-18) with the data already filed for Q3 returns.

Q3 filed date : 31.01.2018 (Status in Traces is Pending for processing due to one Pan correction filed on 08.08.18)

Q2 filed date : 27.07.2018 (Status in Traces is Processed for 26AS).

All the challans & deductees included in Q2 have already been added to Q3 which was filed much earlier than Q2.

The same thing happened for 26Q also, but there is one challan & deductee which is not there in Q3.

How can I rectify? Can I file correction statement if the status of the mentioned etds as per TIN NSDL is 'Accepted At CPC'?

Please help.
AVP- Finance & Accounts

Revised the return
Articled Assistant

Sir, Thank you for the reply. By filing a correction statement can I remove/delete all the challans from 24Q of Q2?


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