TDS return

I have mistakenly filed filed e tds returns (24Q) for Q2 (2017-18) with the data already filed for Q3 returns.

Q3 filed date : 31.01.2018 (Status in Traces is Pending for processing due to one Pan correction filed on 08.08.18)

Q2 filed date : 27.07.2018 (Status in Traces is Processed for 26AS).

All the challans & deductees included in Q2 have already been added to Q3 which was filed much earlier than Q2.

The same thing happened for 26Q also, but there is one challan & deductee which is not there in Q3.

How can I rectify? Can I file correction statement if the status of the mentioned etds as per TIN NSDL is 'Accepted At CPC'?

Please help.


Revised the return

Sir, Thank you for the reply. By filing a correction statement can I remove/delete all the challans from 24Q of Q2?


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