TDS Receivable Entry if not made Provision

Anoop Jain (102 Points)

28 November 2023  
TDS Receivable in my books of Rs 55000/- of F.Y. 2022-23

Income tax was made of Rs. 46000/- in F.Y. 2022-23

and I have received refund of Rs 9500/- in the f.y. 2023-24. but we did not make provision of Income tax in the f.y. 2022-23 . so suggest how to do this refund entry ..
I made entry below in F.Y. 2023-24. is correct or not ?

Bank A/c Dr 9500/-
Interest from Income tax Cr 500/-
TDS Receivable CR 9000/-

Income Tax Exp Dr 46000/-
TDS Receivable CR 46000/-

Kindly suggest.. is it correct