TDS credited to wrong AY

Sandeep (Self Employed) (125 Points)

27 December 2008  

I started a proprietorship concern for recruitment & consulting in January 2008. Prior to this I was assessed as a salaried individual. For the FY 2007-08 I had NIL business income and only some loss which was carried over to FY 2008-09. I filed my Tax return as required by the 31st July 2008 in Form ITR 4. In April & May 2008 I had raised bills from the proprietorship on my customer for recruitment services which were payable for April & May 2008. My customer made the payments in May 2008 and subsequently in August 08 I also received the TDS certificate which I simply filed away. I just received my NSDL tax deduction statement and have realised that my customer had actually shown credit for the tax paid on 31-03-2008. Even though no payment had become due (or accrued) on that date, in fact the people who I had recruited for the company only joined it in April & May 2008 only after which the bills were raised. The tax was only credited to the government account on 31-05-08 by the company.

I fail to understand how they could show the payment credit to me on 31-03-2008 against such overwhelming evidence otherwise? What can I do in this case to get the credit in AY 2009-10 for TDS wrongly credited in previous year? I have already written to the company. Should I file a revised tax return for AY 2008-09?