T.D.S. On Salary

Sanjivkumar Shah (Account Manager) (286 Points)

27 February 2008  

Hi friends,

1. If a person receives Rs. 10000/- per month, then @ what rate / amount Monthly T.D.S. should be deducted as he is having no investment, no P.F. deducted, no P.T. deducted & can anyone provide me T.D.S. on Salary deduction structure for above case in excel format?.

2. Can anyone provide me salary certificate + T.D.S. Certificate for T.D.S. On Salary in excel format please its urgent?

3. If a person receives Rs. 6500/- per month including conveyance allowance of Rs. 300/- per month then @ what rate / amount Monthly P.F. should be deducted & can anyone provide me P.F. deduction structure for above case in excel format?.

4. At what rate P.F. is deducted or is there any slab just like Income Tax Slab?

5. Is P.F. deducted by Ltd. Co. only or anyone can deducte P.F. ?

6. As it has to be registered with P.F. Departement but is there any basic exemption limit for registration?

7. Presently at what rate interest is received on P.F. deducted. Is interest received on Employee's Share only or both i.e Employee's Share + Employer's Share.


Sanjiv Shah