Shashi Bhushan (Learner, Jalandhar) (996 Points)

21 September 2009  

articleship is very good process of learning. but its not properly established. most CAs are treating articles like a employee amd not a student. they are concerned about their own benefit only and not wheather student is learning things or not. some articles are doing same work again and again in 3 years. they are not given next level work.


articleship system is very good but it should be properly implemented by ICAI. SO I THINK There should be SYLLABUS for articleship in 3 years like:


  • 1st year:  Vouching and Auditing
  • 2nd year:  bank audits, finalising balance sheets. filling all types of returns in
  • 3rd year:  dealing with SCRUITNY ASSEMENTS, capital gain, stock audit, special audits, statuory audits

(articles should not be given clerical work like maintenance of files, typing, calculation checking, standing in lines to submit tax returns, visiting clients or any other place for collecting any documents. however these work can be given once during begining for knowledge of purpose not again and agin)

 hope you are agree with me?? what according to you syllabus should be??