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suggestion required

Akanksha (CA)     26 February 2009

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HI every1 out here................i need ur valuable suggestion on dis problem of mine...............

 I have cleared pcc in this november 2008 & now i m confused as to whether in this remaining time of 1 1/2 yrs of artileship shld i switch over to a good ca firm for my training or not. Rt now i am working in a very small proprietorship firm where there is nt much of work n so i m getting full time for my ca final i m worried dat if i will continue here den aft clearin my nov 2010 ca final vil it b disadvantage 4 me

1) to go straightaway 4 campus placement as i dnt hav much of exp in anything xcept filling itr n making entries in Tally ?

so sugest me

1) shld i go 4 trainin aft ca final in sm big ca firm? n vil dey vil allow a person like me to join dem aft completing ca rt nw if i join big ca firm dey wont giv me time 4 coaching

2) or shld i change nw 2 a good ca firm...........den hw vil i manage my coachin

3)or i shld continue where i m workin as dey allow 4 coachin n den aft givin ca final i shld go 4 trainin in sm big ca firm n den go 4 placement in a co. or MNC

4) anyother suggestion u feel like vil be good 4 my future as ca

Thankssssssssssss n plllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do answer my queries....pllllzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz

Krunal Raichura

Krunal Raichura (Financial Advisory)     26 February 2009

Krunal Raichura
Financial Advisory 
 163 likes  2134 points

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I maybe wrong, but I feel that In Campus, the first lot to get shortlisted  would be the people who are maximum short in supply. The sequence is like this - first its CA rankers + Big 4, then its the Rankers, then its the Big 4 and then first attempt and so on.

Considering the above, my suggestion is that you join a big 4 immediately, or wait for 2-3 months, then go for the 3 months residential program of ICAI and then do industrial training for the last 12 months. I am sure a lot of people would argue that if you go to big 4 or industiral training your studies would get affected. However, I would like to say that I work in a big 4 and we have had approx over 50 people getting ranks in FInal and PCC this november. There are people who have worked in big 4 and manage to make it in top 10. If they can do it, so can we.

Think positive and wishing you good luck.


minakshi (CA in Practice)     26 February 2009

CA in Practice 
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i think u shall first complete ur coaching classes first as early as possible because if u switch over to another gud firm u will not get time to attend ur  classes properly.there would be work pressure.... and  if once u complete ur classes then atleast one of ur problem get solved  and u wil get gud exposure in gud firm.....

both things matters for ur campus .......first u must have a degree most probably passed in first  attempt ....... and gud working experience also....

so wishing u all the best .......

do gud and the decesion is urs......

Neha L. Jain

Neha L. Jain (PCC student)     26 February 2009

Neha L. Jain
PCC student 
 4 likes  90 points

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Hi Akanksha

I would suggest that you should change ur firm... n join some midsize firm for ur articleship...

yes agreed that  then you will have to manage between ur office hrs nd classes... but still the amount of exposure nd practical training u vl get at this point of time is equally essential for a good CA. Thats how all of us manage to do.. After all once turned CA people have set a minimum standard of experience that a CA should know... Take your call


viritha bhavani

viritha bhavani (ca in practice )     26 February 2009

viritha bhavani
ca in practice  
 35 points

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i my opinion  first u complete your coaching, and after that  if u donot  have any financial  problem, then sit & study for ca final aiming RANK in SINGLE DIGIT, if u get that your article experience your presentation skill are will be overtaken by that credit .

                                and  i can tell you one thing ,u should decide yourself  weather u want to go to practice or job in future, 

 if it of practice i can suggest  you  that sit &study clear final  and join in big 4 or most likely in a medium size firm ok then after getting some experience you can establish your own practice 

if it is job dont look back sit & study  get a rank and  try a excellent job either in campus or off campus 

so any way to build a future like this first you should be a chartered accountant first 

so at this juncture i suggest you dont change that small firm and use the extra time to study after completing coachinng and get success, in big firms you may get more work but no time to study , ok



Nandoo (CA Final Student)     26 February 2009

CA Final Student 
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Keep one thing in mind, Knowledge can be gained even after getting Qualified as CA, Its a never ending process.

For all your wishes to become true first u must get qualified later u can think of joining to big Four or practicing on your own.

So to qualify u hav clear exams. U hav to compromise to get some thing valuable.

All the very best.

Krunal Raichura

Krunal Raichura (Financial Advisory)     27 February 2009

Krunal Raichura
Financial Advisory 
 163 likes  2134 points

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I appreciate the views of everyone in the forum. I also appreciate the fact that studies and exams are very important and that getting a rank is a good thing.

But, ignoring other aspects of career is never a good idea. There is no law in this world that states that rankers always do well than non-rankers or CA's always do better than non-CA's. Knowledge/Earnings are to be attributed to personal efforts. Marks, Degrees, Ranks just show that candidate was given a particular task i.e. to cracck the exam and he did it sincerely at that point of time. It doesn't give guarantee of same sincerity in future for some other work as well.

Warren Buffet once said that if past performance is an indicator of future performance than the richest persons on the earth should have been only Librans,

My point is that....having a good brand name with you is equally important. Intepersonal skills, good networking skills and networks are more important. We all have seen the articleship scenario. There are so many people who cleared in first attempt with ranks, some of them didnt manage to get in the firm they wanted. I know many rankers who wanted to be in big 4 but never managed to get in. Imagine, that rank which couldn't help one to get articleship, what miracles will it do? Whereas there are people who have failed several times, they have good networks and they can manage to get anywhere they want. And its not that these kind of things dont happen in Industry. Its the more or less the same case later on as well.

Wishing you all good luck for exams and life.


Akanksha (CA)     01 March 2009

 8 likes  126 points

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thanksssss to all who hav to wat i want 2 do in future is to get a job n nt 2 go 4 wat if rt nw i concentrate on cracking my ca inal in1 go n den immediately aft givin xamssss try 2 get into big ca firms and aft learning there d skills of our profession.............go 4 job.............wat say???

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