Story Of Chartered Accountant

CA Rishu Gupta (CA) (64 Points)

04 April 2008  


A little boy born on twenty seventh day of January 1983 a chilly afternoon with lots of rain. He was not aware about the difficulties & the circumstances which are waiting for him in future.


But he has to face all of them as now he landed at the land of problems i.e. earth.


At the age of two & half years the first day of school he feels like a poor cat  between a group of lions for five hours in a day its a big task but now he has to face all these things for 14 years. In the span of 14 years he has seen lots of lions & lots of poor cats like him in three schools.He perform well in his studies from first to seventh & eleventh to twelfth, now you people thinking of that what about the years between eight to tenth so guys this period is a period in which he is struggling because of new school & new house.


After fourteen years it’s the time to go in big show of cats & lions to become a man who is able to earn his bread & butter. This time also the poor guy is unlucky again he got the college where there is no classes & got the professional course where there is no college(CA Course).The golden age of the life(18-21) he spend in office as article ,the period which others are spending in cafes & restaurants ,he spend in plants with excel & word files.


As per you people everyone is enjoying after his final examinations but u know what happen with this guy after the final examination of CA he is gone for an interview just for the experience of an interview but luckily( or unluckily) he got selected & now it’s the beginning of his troubles………………….


If you people want me to write more than I want ur comments now.