Stop putting your parents in *OLDAGE HOME*

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114763 Points)

21 December 2010  

Well friends it is indeed a harsh reality. Many prosperous and resourceful children’s are adopting this way or rather I would say find out this way to get rid of their parents.


Here I wonder how one can forget the sacrifices parents have done to make one’s life and futures brighter.


Our parents are really a GOD for us. They give us the birth, they help us to walk by our little steps with their fingers, and they made us educated.


They stand in every aspects of our life. So how could one deny the role of his or her parents??????
Please take note of the same and stop this immediately.


“Love has the power to drive pleasure from mistakes, discords & failures. As a Mother’s love overflows at the false step of the child whom she is teaching to walk. Love dose not ask anything beyond itself. It is a fulfillment and the end in itself.”


So try and understand the love and feelings of your parents and give due respect to them.


Increased number of social posts in others section have given me the desired courage to post this message.


Thank you