ST- New registration-When should I?

Webhost (Owner) (24 Points)

28 May 2010  

Hello everyone, I am planning to start a web hosting business. I see that the ST is 10.3% for this. I also see that service provider should apply for registartion within 30 days of the commencement of the buz. But it says if the business turnover is less than 9 lakhs its exempted from service tax.

During the initial period when there is no service tax reg no(STRN), shall i leave the STRN column blank or specify something else in the customer's bill? Will i be charging the service tax from the customers even before i get the STRN?

So, if am collecting service tax from my customers and at the end of the year if the turnover is less than 9 lakhs then i will be exempted from ST(am i right?), what shall i do with the amount collected? Please explain this in detail

Is it neccessary to register for service tax whatever the turnover is?

Am new to this. So my question will sound idiotic or meaningless. So please bare with me and explain me in detail