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Sometimes it hurts so much ......

*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )     17 August 2014

✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩  
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Sometimes it hurts so much .....



You might be a really strong person whose smile can dazzle up someone's world in no time. You might be a ray of hope to someone might be the inspiration to someone to achieve the world. You might be a role model to someone. But you can feel and realize those words when you are healed from within. Otherwise these would be all mere words to you, you can't even consider these words as part of your life. 


You may be shattered and thinking yourself beyond the repair. You might be saying to yourself that you are really broken ......broken to that extent ....that can never be mended ......a feeling that can never ever be described. This is the real moment where you lose yourself and fight with yourself to shake yourself up. But all in vain ..... 



Till yesterday , you might not be interested in listening a word from someone, but now today ....people's word haunt you. You are really a loser who couldn't achieve a single dedicated goal in his life.


Is that really so ......were you really so feeble that you can't defend yourself from defeat . The reality is you had bounded yourself in some limits .....the limits of believes 

1. It's not what you truly want 

2. Something is more important 

3. My past has broken me 


Okay ..... Let's see 😃........ Is that really so ? 


1. It's not what you truly want : 


Yeah ...right !! With the passage of time, you may get bored with a track just wanna get a real break to get out of that vicious circle. You wanna escape from everything to get the real freedom. Every other thing allure you suddenly. You start realizing and seeing yourself seizing unlimited things. The inner conscious of yours say "why stop" .....just go limitless. 

That's where we all go wrong. Where we start looking for new things, we leave something unfinished. And those unfinished things remains the same. For example like our study remains the same till exams ....incompleted.....and as the real moment came you are never prepared and finally you lock yourself in room of grief and sorrow. 


2.something is more imp :- yeah .... Everything is imp except your real goal. !!! Your job is important thing ....if you can't finish your project on time ..... Your gf is most imp person in your life .....if she can't pick your call instantly or message you instantly will fall ....tsunami will come ..but if compromised with your goal .....ummmm it's part of life yar !!! You have to lose something to get something .......koi baat nahi kal adjust kr lenge na 


Why this kinda lazy attitude .....if something is important, don't let it be unimportant before any other thing or person in this world. Commitment is not just a word's the real you ! How much you respect yourself...your goals and your efforts 



3. My past has broken me :- tell me a person who never had a bad day ! Who had never faced any failure in life .... Who never face any trouble.leave about others ...... Think about yourself ..... Days when you were facing your problems in isolation ....when no one knows about your problems ....where you had choose to stand for yourself .....?


Had you did this ? Yes you did this ...... Not once, twice, thrice many times as life thrown a stone upon you . 


When you can do this yesterday, you can do it today as well. If past was your weakness can be your strength also. 




In short you just need to who you real are will be healed by yourself. No one can convince you better than you one can be your puller of strength more than you .....Just believe in yourself ....not just for today but for forever and make it happen smileyheart





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CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")     17 August 2014

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta
 11868 likes  113977 points

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Wahhh...Motivator Renu...wink.....Good...Good...

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Jay L (Industrial Trainee)     18 August 2014

Jay L
Industrial Trainee 
 14 likes  186 points

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Dis is mah story renu..! Amazin n true


Santosh Shetty (IPCC, Asst Manager)     18 August 2014

Santosh Shetty
IPCC Asst Manager 
 10 likes  191 points

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Woh Great..... Amazing


Vandana J Doshi (Practising Company Secretary)     18 August 2014

Vandana J Doshi
Practising Company Secretary 
 1976 likes  12557 points

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Good writeup Renu....keep it up....


Komal Agrawal (Article Student)     18 August 2014

Komal Agrawal
Article Student 
 88 likes  651 points

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yes     yes   smiley


@VaibhavJ (Believe!! Live your dreams!)     18 August 2014

Believe!! Live your dreams! 
 4741 likes  33446 points

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Sai sankar marri (ca)     18 August 2014

Sai sankar marri
 22 points

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Nice ...&....Good

Aparna (Article)     18 August 2014

 56 points

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Excellent write up :-) Thanks for the much required motivation :-)

Aparna (Article)     18 August 2014

 56 points

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Excellent write up :-) Thanks for the much required motivation :-)

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