Some English Movies.... Everyone must watch them...

v@m$h! (CA - Final and CS - Final)   (1473 Points)

30 November 2010  


1. INVICTUS - This film is about Nelson Mandela who gave a check to racial discrimination which was existing after he was elected as a president. It is real story which happened in 1992-1995. With the help of a rugby world cup he will change the face of south africa nation. It gives us an insight into leadership qualities, will power etc.

2. TWELVE O' CLOCK HIGH - This is a black and white movie dealing with leadership during world war 2. First a leader will lead the team but the team doesnot get enough motivation and slowly it looses its strength. Then the same team will be taken over by another leader and he shows the difference with same team.

3. MEN WITH HONOR - It is movie about Carl Brashear, a first black who joined US navy, who want to become a master diver(high rank in US navy) in process removing racial discrimination which was prevailing at that time. This a real story.

4. Peaceful Warrior - It is a real story relating to Dan Millman (Trampoline Champion of US in 1964 Olympics). The film is directed by Victor Salva  which was based on the semi- autobiographical novel written by Dan millan. Though the story runs about trampoline, it gives lot of insight into the life of everyone. It gives lot of courage. 

I think visual media is one of the influential channel, if used properly.Please share other films or documentaries which can impact us a lot.