neha sharma (2222) (28 Points)

06 August 2010  

I HAVE GIVEN 3RD ATTEMP OF PCC.dint clear this time also not even one group.i got 145 in fst grup and 130 in 2nd grup.last attemp also ws the same dittoo....i am confused n facing low confidence.i decided to quit after result and thinkin for MBA.

but juzt today i had discussion with my sir and he wants me to give last attemp.he thrown my termination form in dustbin.

he said as am very sincere student i shuldnt drop.i shuld try once more...he gave many examples try to make me understnd n convence so that with determination i ll try again.n i said yes as i was convencd n undesrtud with his example infront of him so said yes to start studies again..but am really scared to open those books again 4rth time..i have no faith that i ll clear this time or not.

my articlship is left with 8months only.i dont wanna face more frustation n loose confidece wtever i left with little family is with me whatever i go for.but that obviously they also upset everytime when i give them result of failure.

guyz please help me out.shuld i got wid my sir??or shuld i go for sumotbr itz not necssary that all 100 out 100 goin to be CA.if m sincere n hardwrkin too dsnt mean that ill clear this time 4rth time..if it wud hv to be clear then it wud clear in first attemp.

please help me out.itz really important to know for me for my career.