Sfm confusion

shreyans jain (ABC) (192 Points)

16 February 2013  

Hi Friends,

I find too many options on ca club regarding CA-final SFM study planner. here are some of them.

A) Books for Self Study (Apart from ICAI Mat & Practise Manuals)

  1. Pattabi Ram
  2. A. N Sridhar
  3. S.D Bala
  4. Rajiv Sngh Videos
  5. Aditya Jain Videos
  6. Padhuka
  7. DVD's of Dr. JB Gupta
  8. Notes of Rajesh Makker

B) Best Faculities for SFM in Delhi

  1. Aditya Jain
  2. Ashish Kalra
  3. Rajijv SIngh
  4. Rajesh Makkar


I wanted to ask whether i should go for self study or not and if yes then which option/options i should opt from A). Please answer this. you can also answer by simply stating the no as per A)

. My attempt is due in Nov-13 & i am planning for both groups.