Self study sfm ca final s d bala urgent!!!!!!!

Enigmatic N (student) (87 Points)

27 July 2011  

Dear CCI Fellows



My query is regarding preparation of CA Final Strategic Financial Management….

I have cleared my Second Group in May exams and left with First Group Now!!!!!

 I haven’t attended any classes for any subject and I am facing difficulty preparing for SFM…

I am thinking to go for SD Bala and Prabhattiram latest edition book!!!!!!!

But have following queries:

1 . Is the Book enough ?? if not what extra do I need to study????

2. Does the Book covers theory???? If not what should I go for for that????

3. Will this book give me enough practice to give a good show in my examination…..

I would be thankful if students who have cleared the exams or who are confident in the subject help me regarding strategy for this subject !!!!