Self study is what you need.

Nimish Jain (Internal Auditor/CA final student)   (240 Points)

08 July 2013  

We live in a world where following people like a herd of sheep has become a bigger problem than most of the others.

Most of us while joining the CA course worry more about which is the best coaching class around then signing the registration forms. The others worry more about which coaching are there friends joining.

I wanted to take out this thread to say, PLEASE STOP.

I am not against coaching. Neither am i telling you guys to not join classes. A little guidance is always healthy.

But most of us, as far as i have seen, are busy shelling out thousands without giving it a second thought. 

Coachings are not essential for claring CA exams. A clear mind is.

The books provided to you are all in the language that you are accustomed to. Why do we need to follow somebody who will make us sit for hours in a conference room with 300 other sheep ad spoon feed us.

What i have always believed since i joined this wonderful course is that its important to believe in yourself more than the guy who has a mic in his hand.

Please, atleast give it a try to study yourself before going for any kind of coaching because ultimately what y

ou study for 15 minutes yourself gets in your head better than what u learn for 2 hours in a class.