Salary income earned outside india

Vicky (CA, LCS,MCOM,) (136 Points)

21 July 2014  

Dear All,

I am a salaried employee. Last year(2013-14) I was in Malaysia for official purpose for 5 months. Remaining 7 months I was in India receiving salary in INR.

For Malaysia period, I received salary in MYR. I see TDS has been deducted by Malaysian Tax authority @ 26% flat on all the salary components for the period I was in Malaysia. 

Below are my queries-

1. As per Income tax act, Am I eligible to get any refund from either Inidan or Malaysian tax authorities?If yes, how much?

2. How do I show the salary earned in Malaysia in ITR1? What  exchange rate I need to apply?

3. Other than filing return, do I need to submit anything else to Indian Income tax authority considering the fact I have earned an income outside India??

While responding would appreciate if you can specify the relevant provision supporting your facts and logic.