Received rectification letter as tds paid for wrong a.y.

Suresh Midde (Software Engineer) (29 Points)

20 April 2013  


I have recently received a mail from Income Tax  order relating to Rectification under Section 154 of Income Tax Act, 1961, for PAN XXXXXXXXXX with respect to the Income Tax Return filed for Assessment Year 2011-12.

This mail says

Total Tax Credit   15,664  and 

As Provided by
Taxpayer in Return of
As Computed Under
Section 143(1)
TOTAL TAX CREDIT 15,664 9,535


During the financial year 2010-11, I have got two Form 16s as I had switched from one company to another. And the latest company which I have joined deducted 9535 as TDS . During tax filing, I was told by a Tax Consultant , after merging two form 16s , I had to pay 6129 as earlier company also given tax exemption.

I have took a challan from online for the said amount Rs.6129 but here I have took it wrongly for the Assessment Year 2010-11 and after discussing the same with tax consultant, wrote a letter to the Income Tax Department, that it was a mistake and please accept the challan for A.Y. 2011-12. I have attached that letter, Challan Printout and submitted through my consultant. Even I have the Saral Acknowledgment, which included that 6129 in the form, Though all the fields are handwritten, I have a stamp from Income tax.

As the latest mail again talks about this 6129+61(tax), I revisited from TRACES website for AY 2011-12, Form 26AS . It still had 9535 :( and for 2010-11 Form 26 AS has got 6129 in the following table


PART C – Details of Tax Paid (other than TDS or TCS)
Sr. No.
Major Head
Minor Head
Tax Rs. )
Rs. )
Cess Rs. )
Others Rs. )
Tax Rs. )
BSR Code
Date of Deposit
Challan Serial Numbe



Please guide me as how to proceed now.