Ratta methods

C.A. LINESH PATIL (CA) (910 Points)

24 August 2011  


Sir its very true & my observation regarding CA studies in now a days is that Now CA Studies is considered like a Bcom exam from both students & CC.In today Era most of the teacher only teach what has been written in books but they dont teach why it has been written.i have seen many classes where teacher only work for improving the passing % of their classes By RATTA method.which is not good for our prestigious profession.it also decreasing the quality.

Today CC works on number of question to be solved rather than number of concept to be taught.

I have seen many of junior that they are in CA final but they have bundle of conceptual errors.which also brings working performance down.


In many classes if you ask logic then they said that you have so much amount of course n if you will waste your time on these logic then you would not be able to pass.

Even some classes claim RATTA is only logics.

Many classes give suggestion to Students for not studying Accounting standard.As these are tough & will take so much of time.A great example of RATTA learning is that most of the classes teach FM with formula only.


What are your views.but in my opinion this is not good for our profession.

Thank you & my intention is not to hurt anyone.