Quorum for AGM

kings22 (Shareholder) (136 Points)

21 November 2021  

Private Limited Company with 5 Shareholders out of which 4 are based in a foreign country. Only Domestic Director and minority shareholders in India are not well and cannot participate in meetings.

MCA has not given permission to do AGM via Audio Video mode in 2022.

In the above situation what are our options to conduct AGM in 2022

1 – Can the AGM be conducted by 2 proxies of members forming the Quorum?

2 – Can the AGM be conducted with 1 member present in person and 2nd member on A/V?

3 – Is there any chance MCA/ROC may allow AGM to be conducted via A/V mode in 2022?

4 – What exceptions are possible to do AGM without company members/shareholders present?

I will appreciate any guidance from experts on the best way to do the AGM in this situation as we can plan towards that.