satish kumar voleti (A.C.A., (ICWAI)) (1686 Points)

28 December 2012  

As we are all familiar with procrastination, it remains a problem with students who are required to study and read chapters before an upcoming exam. Although, we may have the time we may now always have that state of mind. Some students may function better while procrastinating because they run better on a deadline while many don’t finish their work, causing their grade to drop in points. Procrastination is a struggle even outside of school being that it is common with a work load or contacting someone to whom we are so dear. What type of student are you?

Do you work better under pressure, or must you organize your time so that you can avoid stress that may kick into gear if you had to finish an essay the night before it was due? There is a solution to your procrastination and its punishment! The following tips and tricks will help you to space out your work load so that you can avoid putting it all off, inconveniently.

Do the math! It’s as easy as that. How long do you have until the assignment is due and how much time do you have throughout the day to work on the assignment? Taking baby steps every day will add up to the project being completed without the added stress. Plan on taking 30-60 minutes during the day and direct it towards that essay or assignment. It will give you time to do other things such as a workout or spending time with family.

Meet with groups of people on certain days. Even if it isn’t a group assignment you can get it done faster if you see the routine in which the other student is getting their work done. Mimic their style of organization if you can’t seem to find your own. Procrastination is the result of disorganization, and it will bite you in the rear end if you don’t watch out for it!

Find a way to spice your assignment up so that you actually enjoy working on it. Even if it only consists of reading and writing you can read with a cup of coffee or on the beach and then write early in the morning when your brain is fresh, and you are ready to begin your day. Personalize your project if it doesn’t hurt your grade by adding in personal quotes or pictures. Of course, it will depend on the assignment, but it may require you to use a part of your brain that has been on hold lately. Making things “custom” is fun because it allows you to incorporate your interests and pastimes.

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you and your work! You shouldn’t hold so many things on your plate that you are forced to procrastinate. If you can acknowledge how you work as an individual and how you obtain information or complete assignments, then work with it. We all retain, give information and illustrate it in a different way!