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Prema CA topper joins Indian bank..

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shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)
Replied 30 January 2013

shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)
Replied 30 January 2013

Yes Mr Lakhotia is right we are forgeting flat in mumbai enviable..she have got good package..even suraj could only say who himself very talented and rankers in all stages must agree that rankers get premium in CTC over non rankers..afew days back only in newpaper ad came for HPCL CTC Rs 8.5 LAKHS but rankers they give more..later on its your talent as i've seen even non rankers proved good worth with their work..but i admire people like suraj ,mandar dixit who got rank in all stages they really deserve high package..if they are not getting high package they turn to IIMs/ rankers in my opinion are as par as IIM grad..

C.A. Rahul Kaushik (Job) (923 Points)
Replied 31 January 2013


vignesh (steps towards my goals) (381 Points)
Replied 10 February 2013

she has to complete remaining period of articleship i.e 3 months from his result date.......she told about that

see the link: /catalogue/Prema_Jayakumar.asp#.URc8NKBSDIU

Vinayak (IPCC) (119 Points)
Replied 31 March 2013



I didn`t generalise my comment rather saddened to by the fact that many who are qualified from top premier Educational body's of our Country, get lucrative job and  forget the cause of our National Strengthening.


After all, money has the power to buy many, but not happiness.

Just a thought - If we look back to our very our History and the Gurukula system, may the pupil(s) who was born in  financially rich family or the poor family, was made to go and take bhiksha (of grains, cereals etc) from the people places surrounding Gurukula and the food for them was prepared from it. It was meant to create a sense of socio-responsibility that they [pupil(s)] are being educated due to the support of society and their future life after the Gurukula should be in accordance with principles of morals and ethics for betterment of themselve(s), their family and The Society.


Thank you.

Originally posted by : The Redemption

Originally posted by : Vinayak

If indeed has CA Prema-ji has opted out to join and instead join Indian Company, She becomes role model for CA Aspirants like me for the following 2 things.

Getting AIR 1 with great difficulties.

Joining Indian Co., for betterment of our nation.

I remember viewing Interview of the head of Tata Steel(past or present, not sure) who too faced similar questions whether to join MNC or Tata Steel(TS), and latter choose TS as per his guide's advice in IIT. His decision too was fruitful as under his tenure, TS from a Jamshedpur Co. to a Global MNC. Again Hearty Congratulations to CA Prema-ji.

Dude Every person who joins bank, contributes to nation?

pls don generalize things..

Bank is not a Chartitable Trust or an NGO...

They mint money for evry silly issue...

even Loan pass sheet mailing ,on client request ,they charge a mimimum of 500Rs,...


1)They are only business which hardly carry any risk....if u see any loan sanction letter,even the directors personal properties wil be attached..No matter Clients make our profit or loss...they will screw people ,by Recovering the interst amount...

2)They don ve any transperency in their system...Regarding the debiting charges to customers...

if a Banking PSU  or watsoever is minting money they are contributing to its shareholders...

An actual way of financing is partners in profit...not Charging a Flat rate of interst which Rich person deposit gets richer and poor person gets more poorer.....

A basic reason of infaltion...

and also poverty Climing up because of this.

thats why many brag abt ,job bank not any other industry...

ask why ,Duniya mein koi profit kare ya na kare...Banks are always in profit..they do not carry any risk!

Yes banks Contribute to nation by making Transactions Flexible,providing other services bu tats not their main business.



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