Positive side of negative thinking

Karthikeya2020 (Student) (2030 Points)

17 April 2012  

Worries At the Start Of The Day

Means U R Still Alive!
*Clothes Dat Dont Fit
Means U Hav A Gud Appetite.
Tears In Ur Eyes
Means There Is Somebody U Care For.
*The Mess To Clean Aftr Party
Means U Hav Friends Around U.
*Roof Dat Needs Repair
Means U Hav Got A House.
*Different Bills To Pay
Means U R Not Unemployed.
*Msg On Ur Mobile
Means There Is Sumbody Who Remembers U.
Learn To B Optimistic In Life Bcoz,
Evrythng Around U Happens 4 A Reason.
Best Regards,